6 Photo Chocolicious 200g

6 Photo Chocolicious 200g

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If you like the great combination of chocolate with a hint of menthol, this snuff was made for you. Followed by a gentle floral finish that crowns the recipe's perfect bouquet, this offering is a must addition to any snuff collection. 6 Photo Chocolicious is a delicious treat for the nose and can round out any snuffer's day perfectly.

Available in convenient sealed containers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
K.C. (Prince George, CA)
Part of my 6 photo Indian assorted snuff pack.

Very pleasant and enjoyable! It Smells and tastes like dark chocolate and mint cocoa! With a mellow menthol back.!!

Mint Chocolate in your nose

Like snorting a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream. And the chocolate stays with you a long time. Not a bad nicotine hit either.

M.G. (Fairview, US)
Eight stars

The chocolate stuff was awesome I mixed it with my strawberry and it was an excellent after dinner or first thing in the morning snuff

M. (Raleigh, US)
Really surprising

Was surprised how good this snuff is.. didn’t expect the menthol and I like it very much.. not an all day but definitely in the daily rotation.. recently mixed it with green dragon and found it worked so well blended together. The green dragon is minty vanilla so it creates a mint chocolate chip. Both are great snuffs from the assortment I would buy again

T. Vee

It's a good snuff, not my favorite 6 photo but nonetheless it's still a good snuff!