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6 Photo Assorted

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From 6 Photo comes an assorted of convenient sampler sizes with a range of various flavors. This assortment of fifteen original essences is the perfect introduction to nasal snuff. You may want to enjoy chocolate, menthol, a hint of spice or a rich floral bouquet and the only effort required is making a choice.

This array of tobacco pleasure is recommended as an introduction to the art and for the seasoned snuffer as well. These recipes originated nearly a century ago and allow us to indulge in a heritage of uniquely blended and rich tobacco snuffs. This variety makes the perfect gift for any snuff enthusiast. All this offered at a special introductory price. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Yonki SP (Saltillo, MX)
Impressed and amazed by the product

Hello, I am new to this world, it is the first time that I try these products and I am impressed by what we are missing in Mexico due to the laws in our country, tobacco is not created or sold commercially here in this presentation, however, thanks to This page I have known the wonders that another country can offer us and I am fascinated with the sensation that it offers in my body the smells are delicious it is like magic I feel like a child who opens his Christmas presents I highly recommend this box since it contains a lot of variety In addition, the price is an offer that is impossible to ignore. I recommend it to all my friends and it is a fact that I will buy this product again, as well as other products. I am especially grateful for the mentholated snus gift package that I received. I had never tried that and it left me speechless words

Jesse Webber (Oakland, US)
Not much variety

I tried this and McChrystal. Really a lot of mint, menthol, herb choices in this pack. I feel like they could have offered a better spread. If you prefer those types then it might be perfect. I had high hopes for chocolate and coffee but cmon mint? No thanks. Oh, I will say the tubs were absolutely stuffed to bursting. Definitely a good value here.

Francisco Carrion (Granada, ES)
Aun no recibi el pedido

Hola me pongo en contacto con vosotros porque hace mas de un mes que efectue el pedido y a dia de hoy aun no recibi nada

Glenn O'flaherty (Dublin, IE)

First off this has to be the best value for money of any snuffs I've seen. 15 8gram tubs will transport you to India with each one , all have unique scents which are deep and long lasting. Get it so you can decide on which to buy individually. Just be careful with the plastic tubs and is best to decant

Dave Hickey
Snuff bliss!!

Love every one of these great snuffs..Ive already ordered a tin each of Super Kailash and Green Dragon..Im sure 6 Photo is of the finest in the world