German Snuffs

German Snuffs

The turbulent history of Germany in the 17th and 18th centuries when tobacco was permeating culture all over Europe, led to the adoption of many types of fermented and some non-fermented kinds of nasal snuff. As in most places in Europe, tobacco was initially banned as a tool of the devil. At the beginning of tobacco use in Germany, the weed was first condemned by royalty and church. Later, when the upper echelons of ecclesiastical and imperial society were seduced by the vice, tobacco use, more particularly nasal snuff, became truly accepted by the masses.

 The 18th Century Hapsburg

This led to a phenomenal variety of snuff recipes that emanated from each sector of the Hapsburg Empire. The fermentation in Bohemia differed from the style of snuff produced in Silesia and different from the ones from Bavaria. The effervescent market for snuff was exploding and the habit became pervasive and accepted throughout the land. Schmalzler snuff uses a technique particular to Germany that uses fat rather than water to moisten the tobacco. The embracing of flavored snuffs has led to the developing of extremely popular medicated and sweetened snuffs. There is also a rich variety of textures and strength in these tobacco products that range in color from black to light browns and vary between very mild to extremely strong.

 German Snuffs

Snuff tobacco, in Germany today, presents a similar selection. The Pöschl Tabak manufacturer has an assortment of medicated and fruity tobaccos that have captured a large segment of the market. Bernard Schnupftabak has an array of schmalzler type offerings that will have you re-evaluate your relationship with "regular" snuff. Rosinski Schnupf has kept alive traditional and unique manufacturing techniques that produce a special green snuff that is one of their hallmarks.

What German snuffs have succeeded in doing is a perfect combination of classic heritage and new age techniques that continue to produce unrivaled quality and satisfaction. Do yourself a good deed and try some of the most flavorful powdered bliss available today.

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