Bernard Fichtennadel 10g

Bernard Fichtennadel 10g

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Bernard Fichtennadel is the literal embodiment of the outdoors. This highly scented tobacco is bathed in spruce needles and rounded off with menthol. The effect is instantaneous, one sniff and your finest holiday memories are revived no matter the season. The content is dark, moist and fluffy, and will provide a medium dose of nicotine. Genießen Sie eine Prise!

Available in a convenient 10 g dispenser or box of twenty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
S. (Toronto, CA)
Nice winter snuff

Moist medium grind, super high quality snuff that starts out menthol and eucalyptus forward and settles into a cozy campfire in a pine forest. Delightful delicious and satisfying snuff. Highly recommend. This is a very enjoyable snuff in a convenient and hygienic tap tin. Just the right amount of nicotine with zero back drip.

Nate (Derry, US)
This Is A Must Buy. Spruce/Pine, A Bit of Musk. Slight Menthol. Intoxicating.

Outstanding. So glad I bought this. Good Nicotine. Dark and moist tobacco. This is a must buy.

M.C. (Port Byron, US)

I came across this and the pine note sparked my interest. I tried it today and wow......it is in my top 3 already. Bernard makes high quailty snuff already but this combination of pine with menthol is a winner. Like stepping into a beautful, cool forest. It hits you with a refreshing smack and the lingering scent of a pine tree is familar, comforting and very enjoyable for me. 10/10.

R.G. (Brooklyn, US)
An excellent pick-me-up with an unfortunate drip.

Bernard F does what it says on the tin. Packed with piney terpenes, the leading scent is for needles with good bones of earthy tobacco underneath. The grind is coarse and moist, easy to tap out and pinch. I’m docking it one star because it has a tendency to cause an unpleasant throat drip after the second or third sniff. Not a beginner’s snuff.

Christmas flashbacks!

This is a truly wonderful product from Bernard. The spruce and menthol are perfect balanced