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6 Photo Assorted

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From 6 Photo comes an assorted of convenient sampler sizes with a range of various flavors. This assortment of fifteen original essences is the perfect introduction to nasal snuff. You may want to enjoy chocolate, menthol, a hint of spice or a rich floral bouquet and the only effort required is making a choice.

This array of tobacco pleasure is recommended as an introduction to the art and for the seasoned snuffer as well. These recipes originated nearly a century ago and allow us to indulge in a heritage of uniquely blended and rich tobacco snuffs. This variety makes the perfect gift for any snuff enthusiast. All this offered at a special introductory price. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jesse Webber (Oakland, US)
Not much variety

I tried this and McChrystal. Really a lot of mint, menthol, herb choices in this pack. I feel like they could have offered a better spread. If you prefer those types then it might be perfect. I had high hopes for chocolate and coffee but cmon mint? No thanks. Oh, I will say the tubs were absolutely stuffed to bursting. Definitely a good value here.

Glenn O'flaherty (Dublin, IE)

First off this has to be the best value for money of any snuffs I've seen. 15 8gram tubs will transport you to India with each one , all have unique scents which are deep and long lasting. Get it so you can decide on which to buy individually. Just be careful with the plastic tubs and is best to decant

Dave Hickey
Snuff bliss!!

Love every one of these great snuffs..Ive already ordered a tin each of Super Kailash and Green Dragon..Im sure 6 Photo is of the finest in the world

Just Browsing (Fareham, GB)
Excellent starter set for those wanting a change from English snuff

Saw a review of one of the snuffs from this box on YouTube. Ordered it immediately, along with the jnf selection. Arrived next day to the mainland (thank you). Excitedly opened the boxes for a look. Barrels decorated with bright labels, looking like mini fireworks. Peeled the label on several, carefully pulled off the caps, and had a first look and sniff. All good, some drier, some very moist, differing grinds. Tried lots, and wow! Some plain, a few nicotine free, some pleasantly floral, some blew my head clean off. I've tried every Wilsons of sharrow, mcchrystals, viking, and poschl, and the snuffs in this box are different but very good. The little drums are sometimes very full, and want to jump out when opened, so for me I decant every one into little watertight pill containers with little spoons attached, and label them with a dymo machine. I'm very pleased, and highly recommend this box.

Michael Dmytryszyn (Goochland, US)
Huge assortment

You get a small, but not tiny sample of a ton of different snuffs, almost every single one of 6 photos modern and traditional blends is in here. Awesome selection of snuff for those looking to try Indian ones.