The Story of RZD

The Story of RZD

Victorian England was still quite present on the sub-continent when Shri Manilal began helping his father, Shri Ranchhoddas, with his small tobacco shop in Sihor, Bavnaghar in the Gujarat, close to the Gautami river. The one room dedicated to the home enterprise was soon to blossom into a viable concern. Determination and perseverance were among the qualities that Shri Manilal used in order to develop his snuff manufacturing business. Within his lifetime, his snuffs gained popularity within the district. All the local shops carried and promoted the quality of his tobacco products.

 Shri Manilal Dholakia

Shri Purushottamdas Manilal was the next to leave an indelible mark on the enterprise. By age seventeen, the young man decided to forgo his schooling and insisted his place was with the family business. Purushottamdas was found to possess considerable marketing acumen and elevated the company profile by innovating new snuffs and the introduction of novel flavors. The then, Mahasughandi Snuff Works, was getting ready to become a key player.

 Shri Purushottamdas Manilal Dholakia

The next generation gave birth to industrialization with the brothers Shri Purushottamdas and Shri Ramniklal. The latter introduced the use of mechanization into the business. This augmented production and opened the floodgates to much greater sales. These brothers kept the company viable and present within a growing and volatile industry. Once again preparing the terrain for the following era.

 Shri Ramniklal Manilal Dholakia

In 1959, at the young age of sixteen, Shri Niranjanbhai, is willfully recruited to help the family endeavor.  His relentless energy permitted the spread of his tobacco delights all over the continent. Naranjanbhai also worked closely with his customers to develop a well-earned reputation as a generous contributor to many social causes. His tireless purpose permitted the company to aspire to the next level of success and is poised to develop new markets with novel ideas and products.

Shri Niranjanbhai Ramniklal Dholakia

Niranjanbhai’s son, Jayesh, took the company into the 21st century. This ambitious entrepreneur has developed a sprawling manufacturing complex that produces over twenty-five brands and distributes to over one thousand dealers. Jayesh promoted the design and installation of customized technologies specific to the industry. One of his most important contribution has been in creating a family like atmosphere between employees, customers and suppliers. This has given rise to a strong and united firm with a bright future.  Since last 5 years Mr.Jayesh Dholakia’s Sons Mr Nishant Dholakia & Mr Nidhip Dholakia have also joined the family business.

As Jayesh has so often said, “Five generations after the founding of our business and over a century later, the name plate on all the buildings still proudly boasts the original name that the founding father had given. This is success to me.”

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