La Licorne Tobacco Shop

La Licorne Tobacco Shop

La Licorne Tobacco Shop, founded in 1610, is one of the oldest tobacco shops still in operation. It has a rich history and is renowned for its selection of high quality tobacco products. Located in a historic building, the shop has survived the centuries, continuing to serve tobacco lovers around the world.

The Unicorn Tobacco Shop was renowned for its extensive selection of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, snuff and related paraphernalia. Customers can find well-known brands as well as handcrafted products. The experts present in the shop are passionate about tobacco and offered expert advice to customers in terms of selection and tasting.

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Over the years, the Unicorn Tobacco Shop has maintained its traditional vibe, making it a popular spot for tobacco lovers looking for an authentic experience. In addition to selling products, the shop also organizes tastings, events and meetings with tobacco experts to provide customers with a more in-depth experience.

La Licorne snuff was one of the shop's signature products. Snuff, also known as 'tabac à priser', a form of finely ground, flavored tobacco intended to be inhaled through the nose. It is a practice that dates back centuries and has gained popularity in different eras.

The Unicorn Tobacco Shop offered a diverse selection of snuff, sourced from different growing regions and offering a wide variety of flavors. La Licorne's master blenders had developed unique and exclusive blends, using traditional recipes and adding their own personal touch.

La Licorne snuffs were distinguished by their superior quality and attention to detail. The tobacco leaves used are carefully selected and expertly processed to achieve the ideal texture and consistency. The added aromas are subtle and well balanced, providing a pleasant olfactory experience upon inhalation.

Apothecary and Snuff Shop

By visiting La Licorne Tobacco Shop, snuff lovers could discover a wide range of varieties, ranging from sweet and floral tobaccos to more robust and spicy blends. Customers could also benefit from the expert advice of the shop staff, who would guide them in choosing the snuff that best suits their preferences.

La Licorne snuff offered a unique sensory experience and invites you to discover the art and tradition of snuff in a historical and authentic setting and also offered a journey through the finest selection of the tobacco trade.

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