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Wow Roasted Nuts 10g

Saw reviews on this Snuff by WOW and WOW!LOVE IT! Initial Sniff from the opening. Notes of Delicious Nuts are the pleasure with a buttery essence. Inside the Sniff, Immediately enjoyed recognizing various nuts with a bit of Sea Salt finish with changes of a slight citrus that lasts for a few minutes, nice tobacco finish with more pronounced nut roasted notes. Peanut, Cashew, Pistachio, Almond, Pecan, Brazilian nuts more. The snuff is easy to take, medium grind, lingering notes last up 20 to 30 minutes before wanting another pinch. Decanting snuff from the plastic container to snuff bottles and bullets. Excellent snuff, nutty delight. Highly recommended.

Wow Roasted Nuts 10g

I was prepared to fall in love with this snuff & eagerly awaited the Post each day, hoping for my "roasted nut snuff fix"
Wow! Was i disappointed : (

In the Tin: medium moisture, medium grind; slight nutty aroma

In the Nose: easy to take; sadly no burn or nicotine felt; that vague nutty scent becomes a chemical harshness of overwhelming proportion so repellant i flush my nose to be rid of it

In Summation: Wow! That Was Unpleasant

Dholakia Medium Dry Toast 25g

This was the 1st of the toasts I busted open. It's not bad. I figure that Medium was a good place to start, since I had bought each one of them. It still took some work. Even though the tin says Medium Dry Toast, I still can attest that this is still a toast. I've taken some English Toasts that have had more moisture, and the grind is very fine. Beyond that, the taste was pretty good. If you have been snuffing long enough to be able to use this successfully, then you should understand what Dholakia's version of a toast means.