Wilsons Tom Buck SP 10g

Wilsons Tom Buck SP 10g

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Wilsons Tom Buck is named after an 18th century Irish rake and politician named Thomas Whaley. He was a flamboyant example of reckless extravagance and, as gambler and libertine, inherited the appellation of being a 'young buck'. His lifestyle inspires a recipe that proclaims 'high passions, a lively imagination, and a spirit that could brook no restraint', as defined by the man himself. Naturally the challenge was undertaken and begins with a selection of aromatic and burly tobaccos that are expertly fermented and aged to provide a solid base to which wisps, pinches, drops and measures of several citrus, floral and spicy notes can be detected that create a whole that outweigh the sum of the parts. This mid-brown powdered concoction has a medium-fine grind with low humidity. There is little offense to the nose besides a well rounded and complex aroma that delivers a wallop of nicotine. This is a fitting commemoration to a time long gone but fondly remembered.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Trou Normand

Although all snuffs can be taken alone, some really excel in combination with food and drink. Snuff taking can be as impactful to dining as consuming alcohol or sharing your table with good friends. Like good wine, certain snuffs can really compliment a meal. Fribourg & Treyer’s “French Carotte” is such a snuff; Tom Buck is another.

A Trou Normand is a shot of Calvados, frequently served on apple sherbet, that serves to cleanse the pallet between food courses. Tom Buck serves the same purpose, especially when it comes to braised meats such as Ossobucco Milanese or Boeuf Bourguignon. With its extra citrus (more lemon-lime than orange) and its high nicotine content, this snuff prepares the senses for the next chapter in the meal by wiping away any residue flavours.

christopher Saunders (Brisbane, AU)
There was a lad named Tom Buck...

Oh Yes! This is a truly excellent SP with a nice and fluffy grind that is easy to snuff. The bergamot is strong and pleasant giving a relaxing and joyous feel. Medium Nic and a little buzz in my nostrils lets me know this blend is just spot on with delivery. Outside on a chilly morning this is heaven in a tin. Thank you Wilson’s of Sharrow for this gem. It will never be out of my rotation.

Jeff (Bedford, US)
Doesn’t do anything for me

Had to try this snuff because of its “classic” appeal. I did not like it. I prefer, plain, Irish 22, matador, diplomat, grand cairo, and Rows of Sharrow all over “Tom Buck.”

Justin Reynolds (Fort Bragg, US)
Really Amazing SP

Well this is the first SP i decided to try because i had heard many good things about it on YouTube. Im glad i picked this one to introduce me into SP's it has a nice strong blast of delicious bergamot. I really love this snuff and the nicotine level is satisfying, I almost gave it four out of five instead of five because i prefer grand cairo since it has more nicotine and a nice floral backnot with the bergamot, but this is perfect in its own way and id rather have both so five stars for me.

One Of My Favorites

One of my favorite snuffs i have tried. Earl grey is one of my favorite teas, too, and this smells just like earl grey with a hint of lady grey which is a more citrusy version. Pretty much perfect as there is quite a nic hit and a little burn. Novices i shared this with really like it, too. I will say, i ordered a larger size this time and it seems to have less scent. Not sure if thats placebo, but next time i order i may stick with the smaller tin.