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Wilsons Plain 10g

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Wilsons Plain is a pure and genuine tobacco taste that allows the true aromas of these fermented broadleaf cultivars to shine through. The flavor is slightly earthy with smokey overtones and a sweetness that is almost floral. This recipe has taken a single plant and transformed it into something special. The color is of a pale brown with a medium fine texture that has medium-low moisture. There is an mild assault to the nose upon taking but quickly abates and is replaced by a warm and comforting sensation that lasts a long while and delivers a major jolt of nicotine. Please, have a pinch partner.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)
Orange Pekoe

Appropriately named, Plain is pure Virginia and Burley tobaccos presented without pretense or artifice. Khaki brown and finely ground, it is somewhat dry it and high in nicotine content. In Québécois French, “plain” or “ordinaire” is an insult akin to underwhelming. Here, the insult does not apply. Plain is a return to basics. It is similar to WoS’ Irish No 22, but without the pungent barnyard aromas that I relish. Upon uptake it offers more bite that burn, which efficiently focuses the mind when fighting your way through the midday doldrums. Plain’s flavour profile is that of Orange Pekoe tea. It smells like Orange Pekoe when opening the tin and it tastes like the tea when it sits in your nose. Lovely with cucumber sandwiches and scones, Plain is the perfect accompaniment to or replacement of tea time.

Tobacco Goodness

I find this snuff to be excellent in its pure tobacco goodness. Medium brown and medium dry, easy to sniff. Wonderful WoS tobacco aroma and nice gentle burn.

Jeff (Bedford, US)
Sometimes simple and pure in life is best.

Wow. This is truly my FAVORITE snuff of all, across all brands and across all “flavors.” I like the fact that this is JUST tobacco, no fillers, no flavors, no candy bits in between. Just pure leaf, ground and pulverized to a perfect powder. This snuff along with Wilson’s of Sharrow “Irish no. 22” are my two absolute favorites. I like taking this one though on a more free basis. It is pure and simple, dry and finely ground. It has a lightish color too, which I prefer over the dark and “moist” snuffs. Every order I place with “Mr. Snuff” includes at least one 5 gram tin of Wilson’s of Sharrow “Plain” at the very minimum. Get some today!

All-Day Rotation

Once of my favorite snuffs. Great nose feel (fluffy tobacco goodness), pleasant burn, fine afterblow, and overall excellent offering. Sometimes unreliable in nicotine delivery, but typically satisfying. Buy in bulk and keep it in the all-day rotation. Highly recommended.

Under Appreciated

This is a medium brown, unscented snuff that is smooth, easy on the nose, expertly crafted. I find it rather similar to Toque Quit, and it's plain quality is a pleasant change from scented snuffs. Perfect for novices, as well as experienced snuffsters, this would make a great all day snuff. Nothing artificial about this one. Another great, but under-appreciated snuff from Wilson's of Sharrow.