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The Doctor with Leela
Good, honest Anise snuff

Great stuff. Sam Gawaith made a good, straight anise snuff, but I haven't been able to find it for years.
This is very much like it.
One of my first (and still a favorite) is Wilson's Ani Extra with a strong menthol kick.
I've even raised the octane of the Extra with Highland Ice.
The Plus is wonderful for the straight anise scent with little else to distract from it.
Well recommended.

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Eric Perlinger

Ani-plus is a mild snuff that combines the taste of unsweetened black licorice with the tobacco of Irish No 22, while gratefully avoiding the severe beating a Root M. It triggers memories of a vintage candy called Sen-Sen, which were purveyed to me by a well-traveled spinster aunt who spent her time scouring the obscure libraries of Europe. A tin of Sen-Sen could always be found at the bottom of her Longchamps purse next to a spray bottle of Guerlain’s Shalimar and a dog-eared Hermès address book. Sen-Sens were the original breath-mint and could dissolve the plaque that belonged to a child who was reluctant to brush. Ani-plus is great for masking the putridity caused by late night souvlakis after a day heavy drinking or the rotting gums brought on by scurvy.

Balanced to perfection.

Very well balanced blast that carries an awesome uplifting mix of flavors. To blow your f#@king top off, No licorice here but absinthe baby! All the way home into your precious skull. Where it stays for quite a long time. EXCELLENT snuff this could take Prozac place. Its fluffy goodness will nock You right out of a depression, Well maybe...Anyways I didn't give it 5 stars because of low vitamin N.

Wilsons Ani Plus 25g

This snuff (which is the exact same as Frederick Tranter's Country Doctor) is absolutely delicious.
The blend ov aniseed & eucalyptus is not overpowering, but strong enough to leave an exquisite flavour in the nose & throat upto an hour after snuffing.
It's not particularly strong in nicotine, but it does give a lift to the spirit.
Perfect for the beginner.

Wilsons Ani Plus 25g

my first WoS snuff I tried when I started snuffing. has to say this one has given me inspiration for this "hobby".
light brown medium grind a bit moist.
aniseed is playing a main role on this one. eucalyptus just fills the aroma giving more roundness and depth. medium on nicotine but it is so easy to take that you can easily take a bit bigger pinch. soft on nose and somehow balancing effect on body/mind/soul. keeps your nose open, mind open and snuff tin open :)