White Horse Indian 40g

White Horse Indian 40g

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Janta White Horse Indian is fine powder that releases a slightly sweet and pungent bouquet. This snuff is very dry and light and is classified as a white snuff. The color is a very pale tan that has a satiny feel and moisture is mostly absent. Needless to say, this will have an obvious warming effect in the nose and may provoke a tear. A strong Indian snuff with a strong lasting nicotine hit.

Available in a variety of convenient container sizes.

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Mohamed Zouhir
White Horse Indian

Very good products. very fine and quite strong. I really like. I still prefer the white elephant

Josh (Morganton, US)
Low rent sleeper Indian white snuff

More dry than a dried out can of Bruton Scotch, this dirt cheap Indian white worked itself into my next order after the successes I've had by Janta, Rustica Standard and Dragon Madras. I can't seem to find White Elephant so this seems to be the go to substitute. First thought is that it reminds me of a less barnyard Dholakia Sparrow. It's a clean, plain, slightly nutty light colored super fine snuff. Nicotine content can't match Dragon Madras, but I kind of prefer the lack of the ghee frying. Tin note is slightly acidic, and has a sharp bite. I can't believe this is so cheap, it's already one of my favorite Indians. I cut my teeth on Scotches learning not to choke so I was well prepared but neophytes beware. If you've found Indian Snuffs too scented like I did at first you must try this.

K.C. (Prince George, CA)
Very pleased!

After a rough start with the white elephant I totally fell in love with it!. High nicotine and a very noteworthy burn was soon what I desired. The white horse is very pleasant almost no burn. Glad I bought 5 30gram tins

s.o. (Memphis, US)
calm down feeling ?

with the kids arguing all time i need a get away moment your snuff does it for me }{.

Remjob (Nixa, US)
Slightly nutty, with a whole lot of Nichit Sluty!

Find it much easier on the snolzzer, It's grind is dry yet silky,fluffy, It's starting to grow on me with it's balanced warm-earth slight brushed nutty like flavor. You might find yourself riding or at the very least having smooth gritty sex with this White Horse habitually. She Don't mind as long as it's consensual.