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White Fox Full Charge White Portions

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good.

Nice nicotine hit and pleasant burn. Probably too much for the uninitiated but ideal for those who like very strong chew. This burns more than your usual Skoal so peopel9who are used to that may have to step up their game. This is a bit of a masculine endeavor I would say. Also, the mint is pretty potent. I found d this to be very enjoyable in the wintertime when I had THE VIRUS!!! just kidding. Kinda. Maybe. Anyways, whatever it was I had this opened up my sinuses and kept me from smoking which only exacerbates colds, as you probably know.

Highly recommended. Gave a tin to my ma who has wanted to quit smoking and usually uses Halls cough drops as a replacement, so told her this might help.(or it might have been together, less stronger white fox, i forget) either way, she hasn't tried it yet. But if she wants to quit smoking its there.