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To those who portray themselves as experts in Indian snuff curriculum, will relish this output from 41 Photo. "White Elephant" is a strong and sufficient substance that signifies a mighty nicotine hit. Prepare yourself for high ammonia that will provide you with the sensation you have demanded.

One of India's finest that will give you an insight into their well-renowned snuff, which is the ideal necessity for the nostril area. The product comes in an orange 35g container, which contains a prolonged and effective burn. "Catch one if you can they are fun to ride. The nicotine blows you away. It's closest cousin is dholakia White with similar attitudes." Let us know your thoughts below in the review section.

Here's a review from the revered Basement_Shaman (RIP), a senior member of Snuffhouse.org:
"Ah the elusive white elephant one of India finest. Catch one if you can they are fun to ride. The nicotine blows you away. It's closest cousin is dholakia White with similar attitudes. When she grabs you with her trunk and slams you to the ground get back up and show her who's the boss. Since the availability is difficult I only break her out on occasion; to find she has not lost any strength and still has a strong kick.
I was thinking to use as a mixer but that would be sacrilege. Best enjoyed like a fine cognac"

Customer Reviews

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This is probably a great snuff if you can take it. It’s not flour it’s dust! High nicotine, great burn and good white tobacco flavour but for me it was too hard to take

White elePhanT


Must Ave !

The most mysterious of snuff, a dose of adrenaline.

difficult to control but extremely effective. a real drug.

Excellent strong snuff

This is one of my favorite snuffs. I have been stocking up on a stash to hopefully not run out I like it so much. While the nicotine is solid it is not overwhelming as I have heard it to be. I also snuff toque rustica and smoke the strongest pipe tobaccos available so I do enjoy my nicotine. This snuff is dry but not too difficult to use for the experienced. I do like that it does not give me much in the way of drips or runny nose. If you like dholokia white or fubar Willie Pete this is a close cousin.

Too hyped

This white elephant has been too hyped I was hoping for something to make my head start turning only to experience only another Great Indian white snuff. I was only disappointed in the fact the nicotine was on par to cheeta imo. This was still worth the by as this is a different experience and I have come to love white snuffs. A definite must for all white snuff lovers.