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W.E Garrett Sweet 1.15 oz

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This snuff is very popular in the rural areas of Arkansas. One of my favorite things about this snuff is actually the drainage. I haven't heard anyone else mention this, but I like to take a hit of good, strong menthol like McChrystal's O&G, Wilson's of Sharrow SM 500, or similar and then immediately follow it up with a small hit of WE Sweet and Mild. The menthol gets your sinuses working, and then the Garrett mellows it all out and you get a really good drainage that I find pleasurable for 10-20 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

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Tried and true.

I'm from north Louisiana and this was my grandma's go to for many decades. She's literally buried with a HUGE tub of the Garret black. She was extremely pissed when we weren't able to get her the sweet anymore.She used it everyday,all day.Except when eating or drinking her 10 year old charter and 7up,which she did until her mid 70's. We cut her off the old charter but she never gave up her snuff.Tough old bird,outlived her husband,all four kids, and a couple grandkids. I thoroughly enjoy all kinds of snuff to this day thanks to her.

Debbie Grayson (Atlanta, US)
Has has sweet stuff changed now or same in 1972 label has

Has your sweet snuff changed since 1972 your label has please let me know ty so much have to blessed day

Always On Hand

this is what my favorite snuffs it is great tobacco taste and just the right sweetness to give a pleasing taste to the drip. For me the nicotine is not too high and I find it great to clear my palate after using flavored snuffs so that I can get the full flavor again when the same or a different snuff. I love to use it with a couple drops of essential oil to flavor a few grams.

What is with all the new laws. Well not so new anymore against smoking in public places a pinch of snuff keeps me from having to go stand out back. even greater my family especially my grandkids are not breathing secondhand smoke!

I love ordering different snuffs. But one thing is for sure. I will always have this sweet dry snuff on hand. Given a try. You will be glad you did!

Nice 'n Tasty

A nice toasty scotch with... powdered sugar? I expected to get sick of the flavor over time, but I find myself coming back to this snuff more and more, and take a least a couple of pinches every day. I'm not a huge fan of sweets, so that counts for a lot! Loses one start because it clogs me up a bit, but the back drip is OH SO nice and tasty. haha

Diana Amanda
Sweet and Mild

Fine and dry. It is exactly what it says, sweet and mild. I find that what I really crave from this snuff is the sweet drip. Its like candy. It is also very sweet when you take it in, but not overly sweet. A decent enough snuff, but not my favourite. It is ok for beginners in that even if you get it in your throat, it isn't so bad.