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W.E Garrett Scotch 1.15 oz.

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I am new to snuffing, and only 3 days in I have already bought both W.E Garrett and Rooster. I compared the two and W.E Garrett is a lot better in my opinion. When I sniff W.E Garrett there's a nice BBQ smell and taste.

Most notably, I feel a strong pinch in my throat which I like a lot. It's similar to when you are smoking a cigarette and the smoke hits you in the back of the throat. A pinch of this stuff in each nostril gives me a hit equivalent to a strong cigarette. If your an ex-smoker like I am you might like that.

As for Rooster, it delivered a slightly bigger nicotine rush but I felt that it lacked flavor and smell and didn't have a strong enough pinch or burn in the throat when I swallowed. Now I'm not sure if you're suppose to feel a pinch at all in the throat but I personally like it that way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Benjamin Morrow

This is my favorite snuff by far, smoky and flavorful. I've been taking it for about four years, although it can be hard to find.

Strong Recommendation

As my first strong scotch I immediately liked the woodsy aroma and its coarser grind. A lovely addition to any snuff collection. Recommended.

Dental Scotch Mild

This is a scotch that I would still do even if it didn't have a big hit of nicotine. With that said, it doesn't have Garrett levels but Dental packs a pretty good punch. It is just a good snuff all around. It has a light smoky/BBQ flavor but it is subtle compared to other scotches. Like it's Conwood brothers (Garrett/Honest) , it is bone dry and extra fine, so it's for people who have their sea-legs. I use some American snuffs because they are intense. I use Dental because it's good.

Fine Scotch

Very Fine Scotch Snuff. Not for the Beginner by any means. Metallic and Smoky, very strong. I enjoy a pinch every once in a while. Great for when Bar-B-Qing.

American Classic

Smokey, tasty, loaded with tobacco goodness, W.E. Garrett is the standard by which all other American Scotch snuffs are measured. Not for the faint-hearted, it should be taken in small pinches, or perhaps a snuff bullet. The smokiness is not overdone. Rather, it's well rounded in the tobacco scent.
A true American classic. Every snuffer should try it.