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Wonderful Sweet Snuff

This is my daily driver. When they changed it over to the new cans they changed the domestic/import ratio and it's not quite so dry while also renaming it to Classic Sweet Snuff. This snuff you need to use a snuff spoon with to keep from stuffing up your nose, with a snuff spoon it's excellent, puts it in the proper area of the nose and is very smooth. Best thing about this snuff is the wonderful Sweet drainage, it's like sugar. It gives you a mild but satisfying amount of nicotine. I like the new blend a lot better then when it came in plastic cans. Levi Garrett was one of the pioneers after the revolutionary war starting up a snuff mill in the US with his Scotch Snuff. W.E. Garrett & Son's snuff is part of US history and the Classic Sweet Snuff is thoroughly enjoyable.

Its dry

Frist snuff I started with. Very dry. Can only do a little at a time. I like it. But I like menthol more now.

Good snuff

I bought this from a shop in my local area. One of two choices, the other being the scotch of the same name. It is definitely sweet. I'm not very experienced in snuff, but what I got has a very fine texture and seems very dry. First time trying this I ended up choking. I think from now on I will use the bullet and sniff with my mouth instead of my lungs. Might work better with some moisture, but I don't know how to do this without making a mess.