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Toque USA Wild Berry 10g

This snuff is great! It is non-mentolated (which took me a little getting used to at first, but now has become my desired brand), and while I can't seem to notice much of it's Wild Berry flavor, it has a strong, natural tobacco scent and taste, which I've come to thouroughly enjoy.

I used very little, if any, tobacco after my military service, because I became a hard hat diver for almost 25 years, and while I've met many divers who smoked, smoking can cause emphysema (VERY BAD for divers, especially) reduce lung capacity, etc. . . . and after the army (paratrooper, et al), I wanted to LIVE, so I didn't smoke.

I have little experience with nasal snuff, and that experience is pretty _35 years old, as it took place when I was a U.S. Navy submariner, operating out of Holy Loch, Scotland in the 1970's & '80's. My shipmates & I enjoyed snuff in the U.K., but couldn't find it in the U.S., but now, I'm enjoying both the snuff and Mr. Snuff's EXCELLENT, FAST service. My most recent order order to Mr. Snuff took 6 days to arrive in the U.S. Great work, Mr. Snuff, and I enjoy your products, too!

Thanks, Mr. Snuff, from one U.S. submariner, U.S. Army paratrooper & civilian diver.