Toque Spanish Gem


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This is by far the best snuff I've had to date. Its a finer snuff with a nice nicotine content, but its really easy for me to take. The flavor is very complex, but balanced to perfection. I get the following notes from the flavor: Honey, vanilla bean, white chocolate, chamomile flowers, and even a bit of nutty flavor like pistachio or almond.

The best thing to me about this snuff is every minute it is in your nose it seems to shift scents and you catch something you didn't catch the last time you breathed in. I do not detect any citrus as others have hinted on. I can't stop using this one, had to order a 100g bag of it after getting the 10 can sampler and falling in love with this stuff!

Courtesy of Snuff reviews: Husk Buntu

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