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Customer Reviews

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Jacob Maner
Good Snuff

When I bought this I was being a little wishy so I can't fault the snuff. I was hoping there would be a bit of earthy tobacco smell mixed in, but it's pretty much rose all the way. Its not too overpowering, just right actually. Not really a fan of floral turns out. I'm more of an earthy dryer snuff kinda guy. I got this to try it and I'm not angry with it. I carry it around to have something different. All in all a good snuff. Has a nice tingly spicy touch to the hit which is satisfying. Would recommend a try.

Lord Baltimort
Not bad at all.

I am not generally a fan of unmedicated florals Because they tend to be either too perfumy and old lady-ish, or too soapy. This is pretty good though! The Rose scent is undeniably strong, but stops short of over powering the tobacco base. I have trouble deciding whether I like better this or the WS Rows of Sharrow. I lean toward this one , though. Personally, I don’t see myself sniffng it Straight much. I did, however, mix it into some of my darker, earthier snuffs to give them a bit of “lift” and the effect was incredible. If you are like me and don’t go much for florals, this is nevertheless a good one to keep on hand for mixing (seriously- try putting a tiny sprinkling onto a mound of Bernard Aecht- you will be surprised at the result!). If you like florals, then I can see this being a five star for you.

Toque Rose 25g

The Force is strong with this one. A serious rose/geranium scent that stays with you. Decent nicotine, though I do add a plain scotch to boost the vitamin N and cut the strength of the rose a bit. Best kept isolated from other snuffs because the rose permeates anything nearby.

Toque Rose 10g

"A snuff by any other name...", to paraphrase the Bard, is what this snuff is.
Rose is exactly what the name implies, and what Toque delivers - fresh, vibrant, and long lasting.
You can almost smell the chilly morning dew on this rose!