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Toque Coke

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Customer Reviews

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Crypt Five
Coca Cola

Nails the Coca Cola syrup scent for me. Only complaint is it could be a bit stronger.

Toque Coke Bullet 1g

Definitely smells like cola, which I quite liked. I found the bullet toque uses wasn't very reliable. Maybe it's just the one I got? Either way I'd recommend getting the tin of this anyway. Not a bad snuff at all, will definitely be getting more

Toque Coke 10g

This snuff smells exactly like Cola, and you even get a 'fizzy' feeling in the nose. It's like drinking a can of Cola with your nose (don't try that at home).

There's really nothing more to say, other than Toque once again prove that their are masters of flavoring. It's very natural, and I crave more and more after taking a snuff of this because it smells so good.

If the flavor was a little stronger and longer in duration (it has a pretty short hang time) - I would give this 5/5 and probably use it without ever stopping.

Toque Coke 10g

I just didn't love this one. It was sweet and it made me think of coke, but I think there are other snuffs in Toque's lineup that I can't get enough of. I got a 10g tin and it was neat that a snuff resembled a soft-drink, but the flavor didn't keep long enough to go through a small tin that I only used sometimes. I gave it 3 stars because Toque Coke is well made and it's just not my personal style. I like plainer sort of snuffs. I will say this is a must-try even though I probably wouldn't order more.

Toque Coke Bullet 1g

Coke taste is there but something is missing...It's still not quite Coca-Cola in your nose. Close but no cigar. Nice tobacco base. Dry in bullet but was for testing so a fresh can, get a fresh can! Low on nicotine. Very easy to sniff snuff to the back of your throat, might also be because of dryness. Fine grind. I'll be getting a can of this and then get to the bottom of this. Plan was to test them out with the bullets but that was a bad idea. Bullets dry up and you won't get the full experience. Get a can, if you like it then get a bullet.