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Jahjah Benji
probably the easiest to take

Can be used in abuse, too easy to take, perfect for beginners,
perfect for an exaggeration.

always leave him a second chance

Toque Cheese and Bacon Bullet 1g

Hmm... sad to say, not for me. It's salty, and the aroma is that of dog biscuits.

Toque Cheese and Bacon 10g

I absolutely love both bacon and cheese, I even love them together at all times of the day. This snuff however I am definitely not a fan of. I grabbed up two 10g tins of it because I had hoped I would love it, but instead was greeted with a foul aroma upon opening it up. I decided to give it a whirl just the same and hope that it was better in my nose than in the tin, but after just two minutes of it being in I had to blow it out and grab a menthol snuff to cover the taste and smell of this one. I also passed this along to one of the US Marines I work with and he too thought the name sounded good but was thoroughly unimpressed with this snuff. I love Toque and will continue to test their products, but not this one.

Toque Cheese and Bacon 25g

My usual quip about this snuff is that "it's just as bizarre as you'd expect from the name and not nearly as revolting."

On the darker side of brown with medium moisture and an annoyingly inconsistent grind, I think "Smoke and Cheese" would have been a better name for it. That still leaves open a lot of interpretations: there are LOTS of kinds of cheese, after all. At my most-charitable, I would compare it to a low-end smoked Gouda. And my least, I'd describe it as a dirty grill and "processed cheese food". My opinion varies depending on when I take it -- and my mood, I expect -- but if you are expecting world class complexity, you will likely be disappointed. And while the "bacon" (read: smoke) fades fairly quickly, the "cheese" sticks around for an annoyingly long time.

I'd recommend it especially for one application: if you are hungry and have to miss a meal, take a couple pinches. The appetite suppression of the decent nicotine hit plus aromas one would associate with filling food leave me feeling sated, at least temporarily. A "monk's banquet", if you will.

"Not nearly as revolting as you'd expect," I wrote. But when a snuff is marketed as "Cheese and Bacon", it could be very revolting indeed. I'd have to err on the side of "not entirely disappointing". I'm giving it a happy 3 stars, although 2.75 might be closer. I'm not dissatisfied, but the tin will probably last me quite a while, and I'm unlikely to order it again.

Toque Cheese and Bacon 10g

I just bought this one out of curiosity and was amazed to find out how tasty this one actually was. A very profound taste that will leave you wanting more. And it is always a plus showing people the Cheese and Bacon flavored snuff just for the expression that they will give you. X)