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John Castle
A growing consensus...

It seems the reviews on this one are pretty uniform in nature:

-Not really especially bourbon flavored, more like a smoky BBQ flavor
-Still absolutely delightful nonetheless

This is the one I reach for when I feel a little "burned out" on menthol or more fruity/floral/perfumed specimens in my growing collection. This one scratches that, "I need something dark/earthy/smoky itch. Furthermore, the burn on this is so minimal as to go unnoticed (if you are still very new to snuff taking, your mileage will certainly vary) making it a casual, almost impulse, pinch.

You simply cannot do wrong against yourself by adding this to your order and giving it a try.

Toque Bourbon 10g

I agree with with the main description of this snuff they should change the name of this to smokey bbq but I still enjoy it. Worth a try but for me its not my all day snuff. I have been mixing this with Spanish gem also and it definitely helps out.

Toque Bourbon 25g

This is probably my least favorite of Toque's impressive line of flavored toasts. That doesn't mean it's bad by any means, just not as good as the other ones. The flavor is sweeter than I expected, but still very much in the realm of what I figured a bourbon scented snuff to be like. I'm reminded a bit of American scotches. I'd recommend this to a novice who already has enough Whiskey and Honey to make it through the next order. Otherwise, I'd pick up Whiskey and Honey to quell my alcohol scented snuff desires.

Toque Bourbon 10g

Toque Bourbon snuff is a wonderful creation. It's warm and buttery in the nose, comforting and somehow silky. Because the grind is very fine, beginners should tread lightly but there really isn't any burn. It may have a tendency to go too far back for the unwary however. :) Taken carefully there is hardly a more satisfying snuff. As easily an all-day snuff as an after dinner treat, Bourbon satisfies with a medium nicotine hit and a lingering glow. Wholly recommended, one of my all-time favorite snuffs -- one that I'll never be without.

Toque Bourbon 10g

Very dry and lacks any real bourbon flavor. I mixed this with Spanish gem and liked it a little more than when taken by itself. No menthol here and a plain tobacco aroma that is ok, but not my preference. I don't think I will order this again as its to dry for my taste and didn't impress me. If you like dry snuff with pure tobacco aroma you may like it more than me.