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Taxi Red

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Most people who write about snuff always seem to say that NTSU Black is stronger than TAXI Red. Well I disagree, NTSU has a very big blast of ammonia, even more than TAXI Red and I believe this is what people are picking up on. However when it come to nicotine TAXI Red hits harder. Try them an hour apart as see what I mean."

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Anonymous

Customer Reviews

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Justin Reynolds (Fort Bragg, US)
Wow! they arent kidding when they say SUPER snuff!!!

This snuff blew my socks off!!! dont let that barnyard odor people are talking about scare you away from this one you would be totally missing out, because its actually a very pleasant grassy slightly horse/cow poopy smell but not in a bad way if that makes sense i cant explain without you trying it but it really is nice and there is a natural tobacco smell that i think people will really enjoy i know i certainly do. The nicotine on this one is absolutely phenomenal. In my honest opinion this is the strongest snuff ive tried, and ive tried most of the heavy hitters, still need to try NTSU black and kendal brown though haha. As soon as I sniff a nice pile of this snuff i feel an instant head change and a change within my body its a definite pleasant nicotine buzz.

Matt C (Newmarket, CA)

No one is mentioning the strange fruity smell. I don't really like this but I will finish my 25g because the high nicotine is a redeeming quality.

Sebastian Engman
Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g

Good snuff!
With the smell of horse shit it's strong and nice.
I recomend :)

Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g

I love this stuff. Taxi red,,, However. Its more finely ground than it was before. Im probably on my 80th tin of this snuff. It is the same snuff... just more finely ground. Wintergreen (taxi) and Babaton blue, Are milled to uniform fineness as well, not fine, but not the coarse you remembered. There must have been a consolidation, I dont know.

Lets just say I was shocked at the fineness of Taxi red/Green and Babyton blue. It is no longer ground coarse, Its a medium grind (like a schmalzer).

I have yet to determine if this is an improvement or not. (Double schnozolla),
Its not as coarse as you remembered,

Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g

Excellent good dark tobacco moist and coarse grinded the secret to pinching it is when you go to take a pinch pinch it softly and then snuff it and goes up just fine. Duh anyways it's one of my favorites nicotine comes on nice and strong two good pinch 's of it is like smoking three or four cigarettes at once excellent stuff if you haven't tried it get some I Command you.