Square Plain 1.15 oz

Square Plain 1.15 oz

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Of Swisher/Helme's range of Scotch snuffs this one has the strongest smoke/charred wood flavors. It also packs a mighty punch. I rank it a five stars, but I still consider Three Thistle to be a bit better.

The flavor of this one is the the most pronounced but it lacks the some of the subtle grassy notes that I get in Three Thistle. Still a top notch snuff, and if you like the smoke flavors, this is the extreme of the spectrum from this company.

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Customer Reviews

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d.c. (Richmond, US)
An unexpected treat.

Lucky me, Square snuff is sold locally, (West Virginia) so it's never hard to get. Actually I could drive to Swisher International in two hours. So, what can I say about Square? First off, the tobacco base is one of Swisher's cigar blends. (My opinion) This is evident should you put some in your mouth, like they do in Alabama. Also, this is the strongest tasting/smelling non-medicated, non-perfumed, snuff you're likely to find.
In the tin, from the darker brown, fine ground powder, you get the smell of unlit cigar, fresh cut hardwood, smoke, and a very faint tar scent. Mostly smoke. This mixture of rustic aromas, is delivered at an intensity level, that is nearly absurd. Take a modest pinch of this snuff, with a slow and steady inhale, only slightly stronger than normal breathing. Then your entire head is enveloped wood, smoke, and milder notes of tobacco. Burn and nicotine delivery are strong.
Q&A Should you try it? Depends, if you've tried other American snuffs, then yes. Just don't make Square your first American snuff, it will set your expectations of the others all wrong.
Is it a daily snuff? Not really. The flavor is just too strong for that. The novelty would wear off.
In summary, Square has familiar, traditional, American snuff characteristics, dialed up to American levels of excess. Thus making it the most "American" of American snuffs. You wouldn't want it everyday, but as an occasional guilty pleasure.

One of the smokiest Swisher scotches

This is by far the smokiest of the Swisher snuffs. I'd say Rooster is comparable but Rooster has more of a Lexington BBQ style twang missing here. This has more of a scorched bonfire aroma, and is light brown in color. Personally this is one of my favorite Scotches, if it's smoke you want this is the one. Solid nicotine hit and fine grind.

Joseph James
Plain Tobacco Goodness

This is a plain tobacco. The tin states 18% foreign tobacco, the rest domestic.

No barbeque, no fruits, etc. Just plain tobacco goodness and it is recommended because of that.

I get less nicotine from this than other scotches.

No Bells No Whistles

This is snuff... by that I mean it doesn't have any bells or whistles or flavor other than tobacco. It's dry and fine ground and ends up in your throat regardless of how lightly you try to sniff it. Once it's in your nose your eyes will water and your nose will burn and you probably won't notice the smokey woody aroma because it's burning a hole in your sinuses.

This isn't for beginners, it might not even be for experts... It's rough stuff. I'm giving it a 2 because it is snuff and doesn't make any promises otherwise so you can't say you haven't been warned.

Grandpa's Friend

my grandfathers friend had some of this today in a little tin in his shirt pocket today. I said can i have some? he laughed and said boy this will knock your socks off. and it gave me some. well it did and they all had a chuckle when I coughed a'little. but this stuff was good it was the mos't smoke'y flavored stuff I have ever had and yeah it kind of knocked my socks off.