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SNUV White Snuff - Line - MrSnuff

SNUV White Snuff - Line

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The Story of SNUV "White Range": Episode 2 - Line

What a fantastic holiday I had in the jungles of Columbia with my NBF and Uncle Pablo. If you missed Episode 1, click here.

Back home winter was just around the corner. Pops picked me up from the airport. I was a bit cold because Uncle P insisted I ditch my jacket and take a couple of packets of "Snuv original" back to some of his good friends apparently in my home town. Who knew? In any case NBF came with me to keep me company, but at the airport he took most of my Snuv Genuine out my bag, leaving me one tightly packed brick. He would make sure Uncle P's friends got their snuff, he assured me. I was relieved to be honest. My bag was heavy and even the small amount he left must have weighed at least a Kilo. 

Back home I was downstairs getting a drink when I heard a loud scream from upstairs. it was mother. " your bag?"

I ran up. "Oh that" I said. "that's Original. Snuv Genuine. Uncle Pablo gave it to me. Wasn't that kind?"

"How about you get rid of that white 'snuv' or whatever you call it" mother said in a cold voice I had never heard. Who knew she would be so bothered by a little snuv?

I figured the best way to get rid of it was to have a snuv party. It was a Saturday so I called a few friends. Told them I had white snuff, a ton of it, from my uncle in Columbia. They all showed up with a bunch of other friends, some of whom I barely knew. Nobody listened to my stories, which was a little disappointing. Not even the one about the hippos and my cousins. They all wanted to test my new white snuv. I took a tiny sample out and smelled it.

Oh no! Uncle P had forgotten to add the flavors. This one was nothing but boring white snuff. I was seriously bummed, though it didn't seem to bother anybody else it has to be said. They were all clamoring to get closer to test my white snuv.

"Alright, alright. There's plenty here", I said.

I needed a line.

Get in line. Get in LINE, I shouted over the hubbub.

LINE! Of course. I decided right then and there that I would call my new white snuff, containing nothing but the seriously strong, dry, fine powder, Snuv Line. Perfect

That is how Snuv White Range - Line was born.

Fancy a ball of Snuv Snow? GO TO EPISODE 3

Available in a convenient 15 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gerald Garrison (Floyds Knobs, US)
Absolute 🔥

This was love at first pinch. I can’t really describe the flavor but I can’t get enough. A couple pieces of advice, go easy when taking this. It’s ultra fine and will go straight down the back of your throat. Also it’s high in vitamin N so you may want to pace yourself.

emerald_chef (Zagreb, HR)
Potent snuff indeed

And the buzz is nice too, a little goes a long way. Aptly named product if you ask me, good job. Extremely fine grind, very fine dry beige colored powder, it has an immediate medium sting but one has to be careful not to sniff too hard since the grind is so fine, otherwise it gets in the back of the throat. Later taste is pretty mild and not unpleasant. Quite a pick me up I believe. Now to see how long will it last, cheers Mr.Snuff

Tobacco Jack
Very Nice Story

Cool stories. How 'bout divvying down and cut us a few lines so we can comment and rate it? Or is Uncle Pablo a bit stingy?🤔😉😁