SNUV White Charlie 15g

SNUV White Charlie 15g

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SNUV White range of snuffs are all based on classic "white" tobacco.

Although more a pale brown, white snuff is very strong and of very fine grind.

For this reason we recommend that only seasoned, expert or masochistic snuffers even attempt these snuffs. Small pinches sniffed carefully and gently is what is required if you don't want mucus streaming for various orifices. 

You have been warned.

Snuv White Charlie is a cracking powerful snuff. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of SNUV Nutty-Ella you ought to try both. 

Charlie doesn't mess around though. It is more like Nutty-Ella on steroids.

Sniff gently for intense satisfaction with a gorgeous aroma. Great with coffee or as a dessert snuff, or even when you feel like scooping out chocolate hazelnut spread from the jar but want to skip the calories.

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Customer Reviews

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Charlie Atkins (Gilbert, US)
A great snuff, tread lightly

The aroma upon opening the tin was overwhelmingly pleasant, the chocolate smell was even enticing to those that do not partake. Baby powder fine, but the smallest amount is all that is needed and suggested. It has long staying power!

""There's a fragrance that's here today, and they call it — Charlie! A different fragrance that thinks your way, and they call it – Charlie! Kinda young, kinda now, Charlie! ... The kind of fragrance that's gonna stay, and it's here now — Charlie!"


Jairo Junior (Alenquer, PT)


D Wheeler (Nanaimo, CA)
The Chocolate Factory!

This Chocolate is the best chocolate I have had so far in snuffs. The flavor is very powerful. It is a drier snuff with a finer grind, so do be careful with that inhale! But oh man, when you get it right, it is like inhaling a wonderful cup of homemade hot coco. I went ahead and ordered the entire SNUV line and I was not disappointed. I now have a nice line of snuff that is actually strong enough for me and gives me a hard burn with enough vitamin N (I have a very high tolerance). Not for the beginner unless you really enjoy that intense burn. But trust me, the tears and burning ears are 100% worth it! 10/10 will repeat.

J.C. (Hudson, US)
Cocoa coffee creamer

From the 8-10 different varieties I've sampled, this strikes me as one of Snuv's milder offerings. The flavor is strongly reminiscent of the well-known name brand coffee creamers produced by Nestlé and the like. The flavor profile predominantly consists of cocoa and hazelnut, but it's fairly subtle unlike some of Snuv's stronger snuffs, which are negatively impacted by a somewhat off-putting chemical aroma. As a snuffer who usually prefers relatively unadulterated tobacco flavors, I find this snuff to be quite pleasant.

E.P. (Longueuil, CA)
Breakfast of Champions

I have never enjoyed breakfast much, even as a child I found the idea of eating right after waking-up to be viscerally nauseating. Much later in the morning, nearer towards noonday than dawn and after several espressos, I have been known to enjoy a warm croissant or pain-au-chocolat; although I generally wait for lunch or just live-off bile until dinner. Further, I hate flavoured coffees. The idea of putting hazelnut or vanilla extract in my coffee is about as appetising as squirting-in ketchup. I guess that I’m just happy-go-lucky in that way. Also, I have yet to try Nutty Ella, as at University I nearly went into diabetic shock after finishing a 1kg tub of the venerable spread during a bad night’s binge. So, as you can imagine, I was none-too-excited about trying this Oompa Loompa offering. To my great surprise, however, I loved it! Toasty, buttery and warm, Charlie has an intense burn, which is sustained by an eyelid fluttering overdose of nicotine. It provides all the satisfaction of the first cigarette of the day without any of the phlegm. Flabbergasted as I am to say, this finely ground white is an exceptional breakfast snuff that, when taken with several ristrettos, gives you all the pleasure of a cappuccino without the public shame of actually having to order a...cappuccino. I highly recommend.