SNUV Rusty Nail Snuff

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Customer Reviews

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This one exceeded my expectations, nice and moist, hits great once it's in it opens up all the passages in your head for a breath of fresh air. It lasted a good while, wonderful nose feel, and N hit. I love it. There was a faint smell of what I could describe as playdough but it was a great scent. I'll keep this one with me constantly.


Strong flavor, and nicotine, I am new to snuff and this is already a favorite!

charles pazzi
Smooth and Aromatic

This was enjoyable and easy on the sinus tract. aromatic with a very subtle hint of sweet. Nicotine is strong and a good pick me up when winding down or need an early morning boost

What a great surprise!

This is more a preview than a review, because I just began taking it. And what an instant favorite! Yes it is strong on both the scent and nicotine department. The scent is a strong and peppery tobacco under a substantial menthol cover. Nothing is out of balance so it is very pleasant and refreshing. The rustica seem to infuse a light cardamom aroma and delivers a good nicotine punch. This a very satisfying snuff for a seasoned user. Absolutley fantastic.

Brian Ackerly
Drink up!

This is a fantastic snuff reminiscent of the drink. Spicy alcoholic notes, plus the menthol adds to the evaporative effect of alcohol, really making this snuff as close as you can get to the drink. Drambui drinkers will appreciate this, and those who aren't ought to pick up a bottle or head to a bar or pub with this tin in their pocket to do a little research and development.