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SNUV Iron Throne Snuff

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clifford MacLean
Splendid Shnuff

Its 'sweet' and strong and the same time without hitting your head like a brick
Pleasant wintergreen mint that gives one a similar feeling to brushing ones teeth,
people that dont like snuff seam to like this one :)

Lee Flitney
Love it

Absolutely love this snuff, hits hard and lasts long

Ryan McCurine
Excellently Crafted

Normally, I’m not a mentholated fan. But the mentholated line of these snuffs are in a league of their own. Iron Throne had a finely ground reddish Rustica tobacco. The peppermint and spearmint are strong and have a wonderful interplay. Beneath this is a cedar-campfire aroma of the tobacco. Strong in nicotine and refreshingly strong in flavor, it really gives a crisp, clean and fresh blast to your senses. Even if you’re not prone to menthol snuffs, pick up Iron Throne and you’ll certainly thank me later. I’ve had Mcrystal’s, and this is much stronger in flavor and nicotine.

Brian Ackerly
Mint and menthol and...

...a slight hint of chocolate. If you love McChrystal's Glacier or Wilson's Crumbs of Comfort, you are going to love this strong mint and menthol. The chocolate is just a wisp and might not even really be there, but if you've had an after dinner chocolate mint like After Eight or Andes mint chocolates, you'll get the chocolate association I think. I really enjoy this snuff.