Snuv Hemlock 10g

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Customer Reviews

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William Cashell

Well, who ever said floor clear hit the nail on the head. Wtf is up with that scent. People complain when I open it. Instant fits of coughing and a feeling of sufficing on solvent combined near fatal amounts of nicotine. Strangely , not for me. Maybe not irredeemable thought. Mixed it with some FUBAR non tobacco menthol and it was cool. Still hurt the nose.,I’ll finish it. It’s ok.,just wow, tone that shit down and maybe moisten it. The Rigor Mortis was much better

Bobby Bonnett
a nice kick in the head

This has the strong smell of floor cleaner with the (pleasant?) burn of nicotine. Almost a creeper, after a few minutes prepare to sneeze your head off and love every second of it.