Samuel Gawith Celtic Talismann 50g

Samuel Gawith Celtic Talismann 50g

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The masterful blend of bright Virginia, Burley and black Cavendish make this cherry-vanilla flavored mixture a slightly sweet, slightly spicy blend. Delivering a perfect smoke for any time of day.

Type: Cavendish, Burley and Virginia
Cut: Ribbon
Strength: medium
Flavoring: Cherry/Vanilla
Amount: 50 g. / 1.75 oz.
Country: United Kingdom

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M.F. (Indianapolis, US)
High Quality Dessert Snuff

This is another of Samuel Gawith's more unique offerings, an old-fashioned ambrosia-type snuff brimming with sweetness and heavy fruit notes. The medium-fine grind and moderate moisture content make the snuff incredibly easy to take, allowing it to deliver a wallop of black cherry, blackberry, blackcurrant, almond, brandy, and vanilla notes springing from the tobacco base. Subtler impressions of smoke, earth, toffee, chocolate, biscuit, leather, and wood round out the mix. Nicotine content is respectable enough but is far from overpowering. My only real gripes with this snuff are that the sweetness can often be overpowering and that the combination of additives sometimes caused an odd stinging sensation in my nose and throat. This would definitely not be a snuff I could take on a regular basis; however, it would be an enjoyable indulgence every now and then. I could see fans of sweet, fruity snuffs losing their minds over this one.

E.L. (Newport, US)
Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 10g

Relatively new to nasal snuff. That being said I thoroughly enjoy this blend. A nice grind and a decent wallop up front... then great notes of cherry and vanilla!

Jeffrey Ealy (Philadelphia, US)
Smells like a flavored cigar

It smalls like a wine dipped cigar not in a bad way but not really something I enjoy. Smell lasts a long time. Would recomend if you enjoy the smell of wine dipped cigars

Diana Amanda
Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 25g

Medium brown medium grind and medium moisture. In the tin it smells of a dark cherry soda. Burns as soon as you take a sniff. The very first scent is like brand new leather(not the cowhide type)..then comes sweet goodness I can only describe as cotton candy! Lasts a long time, just below annoying. A great once in a while dessert snuff.

Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 25g

This is a hit with me. Light brown in color, a medium to fine grind.The moisture content is medium and gives a nice burn. The scent is of the pipe offering of the same name. A little black cherry vanilla with a nutty hint in the back ground. The Dr.pepper or Mr.pibbs of the SG line.

This is one I may order in bulk. As this tin dwindles down quickly.Good for any time of the day you like some desert. I believe it has a nice nicotine level too.