Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 10g Dispenser

Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman 10g Dispenser

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Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman is a robust mixture of quality cultivars that are blended to offer rich tobacco taste imbued with a mellow fruity flavor with certain floral notes. The fruit is a macerated cherry infused with vanilla that surrounds the scent of a meadow after a rain intermingled with a sweetness that perfectly rounds out the mix. The color is medium to light brown, the grind is medium fine, the moisture is at mid point. The nasal assault is present, short lived and tolerable but the aromas linger while the nicotine provides a more than expected jolt of endorphins. Pipe smokers may want to transfer their well loved smells directly to the nose. Happy snuffing.

Available in several convenient container sizes.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nik Marvin (Douglas, IM)
A fine snuff

I have a selection of Samuel Gawith snuffs. Was pleasantly surprised trying this snuff for the first time. Light on the nose with floral undertones and a pleasant afterglow. This snuff has become a regular addition to my snuff collection.

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Brody Rain (Greenwood, US)
100% 🍒 Cherrys

This snuff did not disappoint! The moisture level grind & smell are all on point. If you like cherrys then this is a must have in your snuff collection 😉

Angus Calhoun (Buffalo, US)
Love the name.

When I first opened this and tried it I thought I shoved a bunch of rose petals up there. The flavor lingered and I was not a fan. Then I tried it again a few hours later and it was just a wonderful cherry vanilla. Very little tobacco flavor but if you're looking for a desert snuff, this is it.

Nate (Salem, US)
Great Beginner Snuff For Pipe Smokers - Cherry & Bready

Medium - Fine grind. Slight burn. The cherry smells natural with a baked bread note. I wouldn't go over the top of listing a dozen other notes. If there is warm humidity in the air, you will pick up a lingering cherry cream scent- the vanilla, maybe like the aroma of stewing cherries with heavy cream on the stove while baking bread in the oven. I don't think this has a any serious leather or woody note to it. It's more 'bready' than earthy, musky or woody. The cherry does not come off as overtly sweet or sharp. it's balanced. Nicotine wise - it's on the milder side. It's a good snuff to switch things up, recommend to others, but I'd like more nicotine.

Roger Käser (Zurich, CH)

I'm always happy when my order arrives.