Rosinski Ochsenkopf Refill 10g

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Customer Reviews

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The Capitan
Natural tobacco sweetness

Light brown, with an all natural earthy tobacco flavor. I would say the sweetness is a virginia, but that's not what is claimed. A wonderful, subtle, straight-tobacco snuff, masterfully blended.

Dan M
Definitely Dessert

I love this snuff. It doesnt seem particularly strong, but the aroma is really the star here. Like a cool winter morning at grandmas, real hot chocolate with cinnamon (as mentioned in another review). It's a perfect nightcap for a fellow with a sweet tooth.

Rosinski Ochsenkopf Refill 10g

excellent and easily snuffable with a funky fermented tobacco scent thats pleasantly ammoniated. There is a very slight sweetness like that of REAL ?cinnamon? bark, the kind thats not spicy at all. if any of this sounds appealing then you definitely should give this snuff a try. I would call it a very classy south african inspired snuff, since south africa is the only place im aware of that has ammoniated snuffs. I realllllly enjoy this one and am excited to try the rest of rosinki snuffs