Rosinski Kathnertabak Refill 10g

Rosinski Kathnertabak Refill 10g

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Rosinski Kathnertabak is the beer garden snuff. Your culinary climax after good beer and a hearty roast dinner. A brown snuff - pure tobacco flavor, based on an old recipe from the farm regions of Eastern Germany. Fermented only with ingredients which could be found in farmer's gardens. Tobacco flavors, blended with earthy and herbaceous aromas. Medium grain size, quite moist, strong in nicotine, not mentholated.

Available in a convenient 10 gram sachet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Octoberfest herbs

Hated it first 4 days ! Then pumpkin spice and gingerbread notes really popped out.
I know those guys holding out with that exotic ingredient smell.
Not for beginners but you'll finish the tin in no time .

Anonymous (Vancouver, CA)
Very interesting

Very interesting.

From the first, this is a very high quality product. First thing I get is a black liquorice flavour; but real black liquorice-like from Finland; strong, herbal with the ammonia scent. There is also a dill/anise flavour, but complex, like asafoetidia maybe. Very herbal, but no menthol. I actually really like it, but nicotine is not really there in my opinion.

Would make a good base. I seem to alternate this with High Dry Toast to get things rolling.

The Capitan (Overland Park, US)
Indescribable masterpiece

Also in my top 5. Utterly indescribable, bold flavor. It's like smelling a spice rack, or a very hoppy beer. Crisp & refreshing, the balanced kaleidoscope of flavor shifts rapidly from mint leaf to citrus to hops, to pepper. There seems to be a combination or burly & Virginia right in the mix. Incredible.