Rosinski Berliner Luft Refill 10g

Rosinski Berliner Luft Refill 10g

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Rosinski Berliner Luft snuff is inspired by Berlin. It's aromatic, straight forward and fresh. A blend of slightly toasted, burly and strong Skroniowski tobaccos. Supplemented by a touch of black pepper, bergamot and menthol. Medium coarseness that's slightly moist, mentholated and fairly strong in nicotine.

Available in a convenient 10 gram sachet.

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emerald_chef (Zagreb, HR)

Wow, what a nice snuff! Quite a pleasing aroma and medium nicotine!! Flavors? I cant say really, I get some fruit like dried appricot but not exactly, and maybe some lime. Its a nice rich dark brown tobacco with a medium grind and oiled, clumps a bit. Menthol is subdued and if I didnt read that it is supposed to be there Id say it has no menthol at all. Its not that I hate medicated snuffs but I dislike too much sharp menthol in them. I got Vicks for that hah!
Must try more Rosinski snuffs!

James Pawson (Elliot Lake, CA)
True Vril

There is magic in this snuff. I just ordered some other more "mainstream" snuffs, been tooting those all afternoon-- then I finally open this one up... wow. The complexity, there is apothicarian magic in this. It's almost occult. There are scents of ancient spells and forbidden memories to be savored here. This is aromatherapy brought to level Teutonic bliss.

Will C (Wilmington, US)
Berliner Luft

Dark, moist, medium grind, and very fluffy this is a very high quality snuff.
It is a bit of an enigma to me as it is very unique, it has a fresh zesty smell.
The menthol is extremely light and some would not even place it as menthol I believe if not told.

I like this a lot and definitely will purchase again.
It does somewhat remind me of Gawith Cola and I mixed this with some Bayern Prise and the end result was excellent, it was very reminiscent of the Cola Gawith snuff but much better.