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Rockit Naked 10g

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Just pure tobacco power. Strong and sweet, au naturel.

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Customer Reviews

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Just Browsing (Fareham, GB)
Smooth and easy

Absolutely nothing outstanding here, but also nothing at all to complain about either.
Its not super fine, not course at all.
Pinches good, flows up with the inhale steadily, not in great lumps and doesn't fly immediately down the throat.
Scent seems natural, feels creamy if that makes sense.
I'm a vitamin N fiend, and this hits the spot after a couple of hits up each nostril, so not weak but not overpowering either.
Packaging is the same as dholakia, short plastic tub, suitable for spoons or pinching (I always decant then reseal and vacuum pack).
Being un"flavoured" it's good for chain snuffing with a few beers, and is good with tea, coffee, and after meals.
If I'm out with several snuffs, and a friend or newcomer to snuffs wants to try snuff, I would pick this one for them, as its easy to use, not mega strong in nic, and is just a pleasant mixed tobacco smell.
Its a good snuff.