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Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g - MrSnuff

Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g

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Poschl Red Bull Strong is a very mentholated tobacco snuff. The specific strain of Mentha from which this particular essence of menthol is derived, is extremely aromatic. The tobacco flavor is overcome by the extreme icy sensation in the nose that is quickly accompanied by a very nice wave of endorphins. The texture is mid-brown, clumpy and is easy to pinch. There may be, for certain aficionados, a slight herbal grassy, almost straw like scent, that may be excavated when the Mentholatum abates. Menthol lovers have been served.

Available in a convenient 7 gram dispenser.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Brett Waldrop (Seattle, US)
red bull snuff

redbull is my favorite, top shelf for sure, i can see why its sold out , next time ill really stock up !

Cody Meyer (Montreal, CA)
Strong Menthol with Pleasant Earthy Undertone

Great all day snuff. Medium-strong nicotine and wonderful sent that lasts. I like the earthy, gravy smell that accompanies the menthol. Great pick up that clears the nose.
Moist, medium grind that feels good.

D.L. (Salem, US)
Breaking the menthol ice

Yup, never been a menthol type of person...i can say this red bull has a great strong hit of the menthol tobacoo..the intail hit of the menthol, over powers the fine tobacco flavor at first...... My first hit was perhaps too much, it melted in quickly, and give a fast strong nicatine hit.... Although a strong snuff, it is easy to take hit after hit...

If youre new to snuff, or trying to explore new brands, this one must be on your list...


Joseph Smith (Mission Viejo, US)
Great Logo

Not a fan of the menthol but if you like it then it replicates smoking Newports pretty well. 5 stars because I love the logo.

Kyle R. (Chicago, US)
Deservedly exalted

This was my introduction to snuff, and I think it's one of my favorites so far. Moderate moisture content with a punchy medicated aroma. The tap box is functional, but a bit flimsy if mishandled. Keep it out of your rear pants pockets!