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Customer Reviews

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The Doctor with Leela
A Classic

I like the little measured tap box dispenser. Not at all hard to use. You just have to figure from which direction the little scoop fill from and tap into it from that angle.
It will be nice for refilling.

Simply amazing

One of my favorite snuffs ever! Great strength and addicting scent and flavor! This is basically a mentholated SP to me but more complex- hints of a subtle but present cologne/floral type smell with the perfect menthol. Will order much more of these on my next shipment!

Pure class

I feel like a millionaire with a beautiful women on each arm when using this stuff. If you haven't tried this, buy it NOW and see where it takes you...

Jimmy Crack Corn
Refreshing and stout

A wonderfully refreshing sniff that is so much more than medicated - elements of walking into a classic barber shop referenced below are fair. Not an all-day snuff, but wonderful for first thing or when you need a head-clearing pick-me-up. Will be stocking this!

Packard's Club

A refreshing, masculine scent. The menthol dances very lightly in the front of the nose, never being too weak. And never being too overpowering. Undertones of fruits, I'd say cherry. This is like a cologne. Very nice nicotine hit. Fluffy and just a bit course. This will have you wishing for a game of darts, a nice leather wingchair. Slight soapy profile but this is incredibly enjoyable. I can see it being an everyday snuff, for summer and spring, or cold weather in a nice warm room. 5 stars.