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Poschl Lowenprise 10g - MrSnuff

Poschl Lowen Prise 10g

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Poschl Lowen Prise is definitely a royal snuff. This kingly tobacco taste opens with a licorice flavor with hints of tangy cocoa followed by a medicated spicy taste and ending with the sweet scent of fermented tobacco. This powdered pleasure has a mid-moist, medium coarse and fluffy texture. The nose feel is on the level of tingle rather than burn but the nicotine hit is above average. There are reasons why this snuff is popular. Try some and see why.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Matthew Francis (Indianapolis, US)
Complex and Approachable Aniseed Snuff

From what I gather, Lowen-Prise is one of Poschl's more popular snuffs, and it is easy to understand why this may be true. Like the other Poschl snuffs I have tried, Lowen-Prise is gentle and approachable, yet it simultaneously offers a great deal of complexity and depth. The menthol is front and center in the nose without being overpowering or harsh. One can find delightful impressions of anise, camphor, peppermint, cola, juniper, fir, and wintergreen lurking just beneath the surface once the menthol settles. The tobacco base contributes additional impressions of earth, dark chocolate, grass, moss, wood, and straw to provide balance. The snuff is of a medium-coarse grind and moderate moisture. It sits in the nose very well, and the aromas it offers linger a respectable amount of time. The nicotine content is higher than one might expect, so this snuff also packs a bit of a punch. It can easily sneak up on you if you do a lot of it in one go. If you are careful with it and take your time in getting to know it, Lowen-Prise can provide a tremendously rewarding snuffing experience. It is a snuff that anyone seeking to gain a familiarity with the Poschl range really should try.

JD (Woodstock, US)

Licorice and sugary menthol medium nicotine not a regular daily use for me but I don’t like licorice slight cooling on the nose but very light menthol

Jeff Haase
Mind blowing

A true grind with a top notch vitamin N punch. Medicated afterthoughts accompanied with nasal bliss= must have

L W (Salt Lake City, US)
Pretty nice!

Well balanced with a hint of anise.

Casey Sellers (Austin, US)
Give it time

I am partial to Poschl Gold, and when this came in I was immediately overpowered by the menthol, but the anise hints became more forward and I really started to like this one. It is my after coffee go-to to kick off my day. I like my morning and evening snuffs moist and coarse this one fits in nicely.