Poschl JBR Wintergreen 10g


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The JBR Green Snuff is a common Pöschl menthol snuff that comes on the market in a 10g plastic can (like the Alpina Snuff). An intense peppermint-menthol fragrance with a very light wintergreen aroma that flows through the nose. This German snuff incorporates an arousing sensation with a smooth and longlasting hit. This snuff in particular ss a successful everyday product, ideal for beginners and snuff fans who can do without an exaggerated menthol dose.

Best know for its light moisture, the JBR Green is nose-friendly and optimally conditioned, a hit that eventually decreases while the hit develops its peppermint aroma flow. A menthol dose that is disproportionately low for Pöschl, and easy to place in the nasal area. Let us know your thoughts below.