Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g

Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g

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Poschl Gawith Original is a flagship snuff that stands a head over the competition. The superlatives of this offering cannot be overstated; this powdered pleasure is so many things to so many snuffers. The unparalleled quality of the fermented tobacco leaves is undisputed and the exact formulation of refreshing cool menthol has a perfect union with prunus armeniaca. This apricot and spice mixture is easy to take with little discomfort and lots of flavor. The mature tobacco taste isn't lost to the fruity overtones they act as perfect partners that are wrapped in a light coating of menthol. Is popularity guarantor of quality? Have a pinch and decide for yourself.

Available in a convenient 10 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
T.R. (Roanoke, US)

Writing a review for this is impossible. Simply not possible. Would you dare review the Sistene Chapple? Are you bold enough to review the Mona Lisa? Would you critique Wellington's strategy at Waterloo? I think not. All we mere mortals can do in the presence of such greatness is humbly bow, avert our eyes and chant "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie".

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Francois (Victoriaville, CA)
Parfait pour débuter

Pour débuter dans l'univer du Tabac a Priser, Poschl Gawith Original es parfaite.

Cody H (Ferndale, US)
nose candy indeed! slight misnomer

This is overall a very lovely snuff. Very easy to sniff, moist, delicious aromas. I have always loved apricot aromas with tobacco, and this has a good apricot aroma. BUT, it really should be called "Mentholated Apricot" or "Medicated Apricot," because the initial scent is primarily menthol. It is a good menthol, but the apricot and tobacco is more of an undertone that comes through after a minute or two; the drip is where I get most of the apricot flavor.

The only real "problem" with it, is it is WAY to easy to sniff mounds and mounds of the stuff, especially if you are a seasoned nicotine addict: I'd say mild to medium N content. My nose tends to clog up after using it all day, from the sheer volume I consumed. A 10g container will probably last me less than a week, and that's with using other snuffs in my rotation as well.

Another upside, is the tapbox can be opened and refilled should you desire, making a convenient re-useable container to take on the go.

And hats off to the company, MrSnuff! Excellent shipping, discreet packaging, fresh products. Living in the USA it can be difficult to find quality snuffs, and the selection is often stale and dreary (Silver Dollar, Silver Dollar, Toque, more Silver Dollar...). So thank you again.

Connor Tihey (Phoenix, US)

Smooth, very sweet and menthol is perfectly balanced, these guys have been in the game for a while and perfected the science, love the dispense method too.

Rory Pro (Chepachet, US)

One of my least favorite snuffs I’ve tried so far. I don’t know what it is, but the taste and aroma are awful. I deeply regret this purchase, and if this is indicative of “apricot” flavors—I’ll stay far away from them in the future.