Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g


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This was my first snuff after some disappointing SG snuffs, chosen after seeing good reviews across the net. And I'm glad I tried it! A lovely scented snuff, a bit of a menthol sting but nothing major or irritating! Didn't sneeze once from it, nice finely milled powder so easy to take. Poschl's up there with me!

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Johnny W

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One of their best

This is one of Poschl's best offerings. The apricot aroma is full and sweet, balanced nicely with a little bit of menthol and a decent nicotine kick. It is a pleasure to take this snuff all day long, no surprise that it's so popular. Buy some.

I like MrSnuff

Enjoying your products. Will order more as I begin to run out.

BIG igloo moco coco

With another lock down right around the corner and the holidays fastly approaching nothing compliments my daily drunken stupper like a nice dose of some fine sniff snuff, your product compliments my drunkenness and makes me the hit of the 5 people or less party, weather I need a extra giddy up to smash antifa in the face or runing them over in my car or loading up on ammo and chicken nuggies with the hawian shirt boog bois I can always count on your delicious moco coco to keep me on point. Thank you for all that you do for the cause. Keep up the good work 👍

Awesome 👏

I had only started snuff a week ago. From the five I tried so far McChrystals o&g and violet, Red Bull aromatic, 6photo tiger, and the gawith original Pöschl. I would have to say the Gawith original is the best. It has a natural scent of fruit like I’m at the fruit section of a store it’s amazing the apricot blends well with the tobacco as well as the menthol. Thanks Mr. Snuff

Solid Menthol Can't Find Any Apricot

I enjoy the menthol from this and its a very easy snuff to take for a beginner like me, but i cant find any apricot at all and that kind of disappoints me, i like this snuff but it is not a go to for me, i significantly prefer other menthol snuffs such as alpina.