Paul Gotard Fruit Mix 7g

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Paul Gotard Fruit Mix 7g

I expected to hate this one, but it's actually quite mild and pleasant. I couldn't sit here and pick out the various fruits it may or may not contain, it's really just a general generic fruit flavor - maybe you could compare it to Christmas pudding. I don't think I'd use it all day though.

Paul Gotard Fruit Mix 7g

This snuff is very very good it's a blast of all kinds of fruit with a nice kick of menthol. definitely juicy all the flavors are combined very well it's hard to say what Fruit Stands Out the most. I keep snuffing it as I write this review and the only thing I can come to the conclusion is it is a delicious one-of-a-kind flavor fruit orgy excellent snuff!

Paul Gotard Fruit Mix 7g

Paul Gottard Fruit Mix gets a solid 5 or 10-10 for my taste. It comes in a slim tapbox that fits nicely in the pocket with no worries of snuff spilling out.

The grind is fluffy and very easy to take making this a great beginner snuff IMO. The addition of Mint compliments the Fruit perfectly and adds a slight menthol effect without taking from the Fruit scent. I like to mix it with Dolokia Rose (non-tobacco) as the 2 work together in perfect harmony.

Not exactly sure which Fruit scents stand out as this one is well blended and have found myself reaching for this snuff on a daily basis.