Ozona President 7g

Ozona President 7g

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Ozona President is certainly popular and there seems to be a lack of superlatives to describe this snuff. It seems to tick every box. The tobacco taste is greatly complimented with a treatment of peppery mint, eucalyptus smothered in menthol. The flavor is more cleansing than medicated and provides all the refreshment of a cool winter day anytime of the year. There is a mild bite upon inhalation that immediately surrenders to pleasure. The grind is medium coarse; the moisture is middling; the color is a medium brown and the nicotine jolt is tempered but lasting. Give it a try and find out why it is so acclaimed.

Available in a convenient 5 gram container.
Also enjoy a discount for a box of 10.

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Dane Filter (Las Vegas, US)

Ozona President 7g

Mark Thonhoff (Denver, US)

Great snuff!!

Adam Vaughan (Colindale, GB)
Good for beginners

This was my second ever snuff trying and it's great, it's Smell is mint but I get a sweet spearmint rather than a heavily mentholated nint

Magda Hays (Quartzsite, US)

Ozona President 7g

tiggie1957@gmail.com (Northfield, US)
Snuff delivery

Love the snuff but the delivery time to the USA is bad