Ozona English Type 5g


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Packaged in a round tin box comes a finely ground snuff that serves a pronounced flavour of menthol. This differentiates in the Ozona series as it is more of a minty sensation that is refreshing like an Alpine Breeze. This is the "English Type". This snuff is presented in a light brown and slightly moist fashion, that is easily accessible when placed in the nostril area. A medium grind that incorporates a distinguished menthol flavour.

Prepare for a minty but comforting hit that you have been anticipating. Presented in a sparkling silver coloured box of Ozona English Menthol Type snuff to create an individual and classy appearance. As with other Ozona blends the snuff itself is brown, slightly moist and of a medium grind.  We hope you appreciate it as much as our other customers, let us know your thoughts below. The product comes in a 5g container.