Mullins & Westley Particular 25g

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Eric Perlinger

If this were one of the first snuffs I tried, I am sure that I would been have rather fond of it. Particular Snuff is mild, easily accessible and without burn. Relatively dry and khaki brown, it is essentially pulverized cigarette tobacco mixed with Neroli, the oil of bitter orange. I imagine it to be a favourite of rebellious grandmothers seeking thrills at hen parties. Its not that it is bad, its just not very exciting. As there are many better SPs available, I am sure that this tin that will reside in my snuff drawer…for generations. In the words of that ancient famous Greek philosopher: “Ehh, good enough.”


Very easy to take SP. A real pleasure. Nice but not overwhelming burn. A little similar to McChrystals SP.

My Go-To

I discovered M&W's Particular when I was in London last year and visited the Covent Garden shop, but foolishly only bought one can, only to find to my dismay that no online vendors that shipped to the US carried it. So when I learned that Mr. Snuff had started carrying it, I did a little dance of joy then ordered several cans, which I've been enjoying thoroughly. I love Jock's Choice too, but Particular will always be my first love.

Mullins & Westley Particular 25g

Upon snuffing a pinch... Oh screw it! It's a good try at SP Best by WOS. But with a more stronger tobacco earthiness to it. That's well balanced with the bergamot. Very enjoyable to snuff except for the price tag.