McChrystal's Star Gazer 8.75g

McChrystal's Star Gazer 8.75g

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McChrystal's Star Gazer is a traditionally flavored liqueur that complements many occasions. The flavor of a joyous Mediterranean evening is faithfully captured in this concoction. The sweet and spicy flavor of anise initially comes through like gangbusters and lingering notes of fennel and coriander seep through as well. This snuff has a nice dark brown color with a mid-moist feel and medium-fine grind. Also offering a very respectable kick of nicotine with not much shock to the nose. If black licorice is nice childhood memory, this you may certainly enjoy.

Mini: 3.5 g.
Large: 8.75 g.
Tub: 200 g.
Also available by the dozen.

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Brandon Arthur (Reading, US)
Black Licorice

Terrific snuff love the licorice aromas .4 stars because of the grind being more powdery than others I tried .not hard to get a drip with this one .

Jack Hays
Sweet Anise

Bottom line: I'll be purchasing more. I'm not opposed to medicated snuffs at all - have several in rotation, actually - but there's plenty of room in my day for non-mentholated snuffs, too.
This one's a really fine grind & the perfect moisture for pinching. The scent is really, really clean anise with a suggestion of sweetness. Good, long-lasting scent at that. Wonderfully refreshing.

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Eric Perlinger (Longueuil, CA)

There is a scene in Goodfellas where the character played by Joe Pesci talks about his bosses sitting around all day drinking anisette & coffee. The anisette to which he is referring to is made by a company called Leroux and the bottle vaunts its natural flavour. Anisette is not at all like the French pastis as it is syrupy sweet and drunk without the benefit of water. Stargazer is a good shot of anisette that needs to be consumed with strong coffee in order balance the flavour. I am not the greatest fan of this snuff as I am not a devotee of Leroux Anisette, either. If that is you thing I am confident that you will be pleased with its interpretation of natural flavour.

Steve (Manassas, US)
I'm Loving Star Gazer.

A Strong and wonderful blast of black licorice! reminds me of a taste of Sambuca after some great Italian food. Great on the nicotine side, fine grind and a normal brown color. Classic McChrystal's Quality!

Black Licorice

My first purchase included this Anisette and the English Menthol. About this. BLACK LICORICE! Tastes just like the gummy black goodness and leaves the taste in the mouth. Good nicotene kick and great overall snuff. I will definately be buying McCrystals again. If you like anisette, this is a great snuff for you.