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A hidden gem in the mentholated snuff series comes "McChrystal's Original and Genuine", a varied mixture of mint flavouring and a reliable and sufficient hit. Ideal for beginners and isn't as significantly strong as our other related products. Nice and soft texture for those who demand a long-lasting and soothing result, that is citrusy and easy to place in the nasal passages with a guaranteed lingering hit. The tub comes in a range of different sizes from "Minor" size to a "Large" a high usage volume.

The nicotine hit is an easy and all day hit which is ideal if you like a nice menthoalted sensation in the sinuses. Remove the easily twisatable cap and get started with the highly appraised nasal snuff that will significantly freshen up your day.


First time trying this, I was a bit put out since it reminded me of the various Poschl brands I used to buy in my youth. But I've found out that I was all wrong judging it. This is a lovely snuff. Easy to sniff, and good as an all-day snuff. This is the only mentholated snuff I use daily. The amount of nicotine is just perfect, and the menthol/eucalyptus open my sinuses and I feel fresh.

Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: Mr.Nose

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