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McChrystal's Aztek

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Customer Reviews

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Graeme Bell
Best snuff I have had

To me it is like snuffing a cup of mocha.Love it.

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Eric Perlinger

Aztec is a chocolaty snuff that is sweet and milky and easy to take; it is short in the nose and quick to dissipate. It reminds me Kinder Schokolade or a glass of Nestlé Quick. It is much sweeter than Bernard’s Postillion, which is dryer and tastes more like Fry’s Cocoa. It triggers memories of ski trips with school and is wonderful after playing in snow. It is a good snuff to share with the uninitiated, as it is quite inoffensive, and is a sweet alternative in lieu of desert.

Very nice!

One of the best chocolate scented snuffs I’ve tried so far very strong chocolate scent .. scent doesn’t stay long also doesn’t burn very much but very nice ! Would definitely be a good beginner snuff

Most excellent

This is an excellent snuff. It gives me more of a hot chocolate flavor than a solid chocolate one but its delicious and a little sweet. I love this in the outdoor air. The initial strong chocolate flavor lasts 10-15 min but hints of it linger on for a good while. This one doesn't give me clogs or drips and I love it. The nicotine is medium. Definitely want a bulk tub asap. I have other snuff for nicotine hit, this one I just love the flavor so much I keep it nearby.

Smokeless Choice
Simply Superb

This is medium/fine grade of Nasal Snuff. Smooth to the touch - as silk. A rich chocolate scent that is tantalizing to the sniff after opening the can prior to the entry into the nose, McChrystal's Aztec was an instant hit with me. I couldn't get enough of this stuff. It really hits the spot as an all day Snuff. Hands down..

McChrystal's Aztec delivers rich quality and vibrancy. It lingers in my nose for about 10 minutes - give or take. I first ordered the smallest tin. After that, I ordered the larger tins. I won't be surprised if I get the tub next. To me, I highly recommend McChrystal's Aztec for it's genuine quality and stellar craftsmanship.