Kayak Wintergreen Long Cut 34g

Kayak Wintergreen Long Cut 34g

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Kayak Wintergreen Long Cut has a taste of wintergreen and is manufactured by Swisher International. The long cut dip can also be experienced in fine cut. Never tried a wintergreen and new to dip? This might be a great place to start!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Rowe (Rugby, GB)
Good, been enjoying it for years

I prefer long cut, but I like all cuts. It's not the strongest brand, but pleasant, some brands are very potent.

Kris (Houston, US)
Lose and hard to use

Terribly hard to use but I absolutely love the flavor

Johannes Reitzig (Landskrona, SE)
What you'd expect

It's exactly what you'd expect. No more, no less. Over all a very pleasant dip with a good balance between Wintergreen and tobacco taste.